TOP Employer 2022 award again

We are delighted to have once again been named TOP Employer for SMEs 2022. Every year, FOCUS Business researches what makes a good employer and analyzes more than 900,000 German companies and their employer ratings. Read more

New site in Bremen

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new office in Bremen, another building block in our orientation in the north. Read more

TOP Employer Award

What makes a good employer a good employer? Every year, FOCUS Business gets to the bottom of this question and analyzes more than 900,000 German companies and their employer ratings. We are pleased that we are also included for the year 2021 and have received an award as TOP-Arbeitgeber Mittelstand 2021. Read more

Digital award ceremony of the ASQF sponsorship award

The Working Group Software Quality and Training (ASQF). (ASQF) significantly shapes the development and assurance of software and system quality and promotes an internationally uniform education and training of (IT) professionals. Konzept Informationssysteme GmbH regularly sponsors the ASQF award at various universities. Two students from the Nürnberg University of Technology received sponsorship awards for their final theses. Read more

Konzept expands to the north

We are pleased about the opening of our new branch in Kiel. The industry structure offers a high potential for a successful establishment in the North German region. Read more

Konzept financed German stipend

In February 2020, the new cohort of scholarship holders at the University of Constance were awarded their certificates. We are pleased to finance a scholarship and thus to encourage and support talented and high-performing students at the University of Konstanz. With the Germany Scholarship we support Ms. Joana Kühner, who is studying Psychology at the University of Konstanz in her Bachelor's degree. Read more

Two sponsorship awards at the TH Nürnberg

This year, the ASQF Sponsorship Prize was awarded for the first time at the TH Nürnberg. Two graduates were honoured at the same time: Helmut Engelhardt and Andreas Dirr. The awards were sponsored by the companies Konzept Informationssysteme GmbH (Konzept IS) and iSyst Intelligente Systeme GmbH. Read more
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