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Safety at the highest level

Hardly any other industry is facing significant challenges such as the railway industry: growing world population, increasing urbanization as well as higher resource require-ments. This puts the aspects of safety, environmental performance and sustainable profit-ability at the center of future mobility.

Only with intelligent and innovative transport and vehicle concepts, the rail industry will be in a position to solve these challenges successfully. Consequently, modern, high-performance and dynamic systems have found their way into this industry for a long time.

Intelligent and reliable solutions for automation

The use of safety-critical systems in the field of control and monitoring technology offers many advantages for rail automation. However, this safety aspect has to be considered with highest priority at all times. Therefore, the development of products and systems needs to be implemented in accordance with the applicable quality and safety standards of railway engineering.

Energy efficiency and environmental compatibility

Energy efficient drive systems become increasingly important in terms of sustainable mobility. There are also strict emission regulations for the railway industry to comply with when developing their products. This is only possible using new technologies in the fields of electronic engine management systems or exhaust aftertreatment systems as well as new concepts such as Bi-fuel systems. 

Highest competence at every level

We see ourselves as your partner and we aim to support you mastering the challenge successfully. Together, we develop innovative solutions for growing quantitative and qualitative demands.