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Fascinating technology saving lives

Medical Technology in Germany is a business area defined significantly by growth, innovation and technological intensity. It presents a significant contribution to an efficient professional healthcare. However, companies are often faced with tedious development processes and an increasing number of national regulations, increasing complexity and cost intensity.

Introducing new technology is rarely as welcome in any other area as in Medical Technology. For these products not only improve quality of life, but very often safe and sustain lives. But, development of Medical Technology products with short life cycles of less than 3 years forces companies’ hands. The overall development process – from idea to final medical product – takes more and more time, gets increasingly complex and more cost sensitive.

Focus on safety and performance

Medical Technology products require comprehensive technical and clinical testing before being piloted and, in the end, being valued by patients. Protection and welfare of patients are of highest priority. This means for operation of technical products and systems, they have to meet maximum security standards, pass comprehensive tests and are subject to tight quality management systems. 

Qualified support on every level

This is our starting point. Thanks to our long-term experience in developing complex systems, we can support you during all development stages. We are at your side as qualified partner throughout your engineering process.