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Technology that will be part of everyday life tomorrow

The automotive industry is always facing new challenges. The ever-changing framework conditions have an impact on market dynamics. Change and innovation force companies to increase their potential continuously, particularly in the field of integrated software solutions.

The importance of software-based functions in vehicles and how they are interconnected is growing permanently. And as a result, so are the high safety and reliability requirements for many electronic components that are used in the vehicles. We meet these high requirements by developing the software in accordance with strict process specifications.

Beyond the limit

Vehicles are the perfect field of application for embedded systems with different processors, microcontrollers and bus systems. They are designed for high real-time requirements and extreme environmental conditions. We ensure the correct system behaviour together with our clients through elaborate test procedures using module, integration and system tests.

Support right from the start

Beginning with the requirements analysis, we develop the appropriate models and, based on these, generate the application that can run on the specified hardware. This process is supported by the use of development environments and tools that fulfil the requirements and standards of the automobile industry.