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Digital Transformation

Step by step towards the digital future. We can offer you our services to create an individual roadmap and plan a digitalization strategy tailored precisely to the needs of your company. Precise implementation will be based on an analysis of your existing systems, assisted by individually designed prototypes and efficient customer feedback loops. As a result, you will get a precise design of your desired system architecture as well as the accurate implementation in your systems.

Connecting Existing Systems to the Cloud

An upgrade of your machines and systems means an upgrade for
your enterprise. Good communication between people provides
the basis for a successful business. An additional increase in
success can be achieved by implementing communication among
machines. Machine-to-machine communication, for example using
OPC-UA, excels by its platform-independent design and serviceoriented architecture. For existing systems, we can offer to create suitable interfaces as well as connecting on-premise systems to the cloud. Our services therefore guarantee reliable and secure
data exchange among all relevant systems.

Cloud-migration and Upgrading

Your systems will be ready for the future and safe. We can upgrade
existing systems to cope with the new challenges imposed by
digital transformation and migrate them to the cloud on request.
A code base analysis enables us to upgrade your software
precisely and surgically so that the integration of the systems can
be performed smoothly and cost-effectively. Along with this we
are also able to improve the user experience to make migration
as convenient as possible for you and your employees. Our vast
and long-term experience enables us to ensure that your systems
will be ready for the future without any problems and suit your
individual requirements in the best possible way.

Turnkey Digitalization Solutions

Tailor-made digitalization solutions. We assist you in all phases of
the development process and thereby make it possible to create
fully tailored systems and solutions. In addition, we offer you our
support in current digitalization issues, for example, the Internet of
Things. We utilize state-of-the-art data models and algorithms to
structure large data sets and represent these in a suitable format.
The objective is to enhance the usability of data and thereby
achieve a competitive edge for your company.

Your Trustworthy Development Partner

Peer-to-peer collaboration. It is our ambition to create a trustful
and open ambience in which a productive and fair exchange of
knowledge can take place. Our development teams are readily
available for any question you may have and develop individual
solutions at the highest quality and safety standards. We can
guarantee fair transfer of knowledge so that your employees
will be able to understand the system implemented and make
modifications themselves if the need should arise. We offer
individual consulting, training and coaching sessions by our
experts on request. These sessions may take place in our training
centre or on your premises. Please contact us and tell us what you

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