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Standort Meersbug


At our headquarters in Meersburg, around 80 employees work in our modern, light-flooded building. 

Large glass surfaces ensure optimal lighting conditions and the tranquility of the adjacent apple orchards for quiet, relaxed working. Our large terrace is the hub of activity in summer, as it not only invites you to take a break together, but is also the center of events at our summer party, to which all employees and their families are invited.

Standort Bremen


Our newest office is located in the historic "Hag Quarter", directly on a branch of the Weser River.

Cycling to the office is the motto here. But we're not just pedaling here, we're also pushing ahead with the development of the office. The course is set and the young team is dynamically on the road to success. After work, people like to go to "Fire Station 5" for a chat.

Standort Friedrichshafen


Our "Olga", as the office in Friedrichshafen is affectionately called, takes its name from the street of the same name on which it is located.

We are located directly across the street from our largest client and can reach the old town of Häfler and the idyllic lakeside promenade on Lake Constance in less than 10 minutes on foot. Here you can wonderfully unwind during your lunch break and then start the afternoon full of energy and zest for action. 

Standort Kiel


Our office is located in the heart of Kiel's old town, surrounded by pubs, restaurants and the Nicolai Church. 

We are a young dynamic team of five concept employees, with an increasing tendency. 

With us we chat and not gossip. A simple Moin is enough and everyone knows what is meant. At lunchtime, we like to take a break in one of the surrounding beer gardens and get back to work full of energy after the break. 

Standort München


Our Munich office is located in the Riem district, directly opposite the main entrance to the Munich Trade Fair Center.

In addition to exciting and interesting projects, we place great emphasis on team cohesion. So that the Bavarian Gemütlichkeit does not come too briefly, belong with us also white sausage breakfasts, coworker regulars' table and in the summer beer garden attendance with the team everyday life.

Standort Schrobenhausen


One of our newest offices is located in the middle of the Upper Bavarian asparagus region of Schrobenhausen.

In a recently built building, centrally located at the municipal utilities near the train station, we have a still small team of experts here who support customers in the region from Augsburg to Ingolstadt.

Standort Ulm


In Ulm, our office is located in the beautiful district of Söflingen, idyllically situated on the river Blau.

Here we have an extremely agile team of 15 concept developers who not only work together, but also share one or two leisure activities. During coffee breaks, we not only "chat", as they say in Swabia, but also support each other.

To support each other and to work together is not just an empty phrase, it is actually lived.

Standort Hünenberg


Our office is located in the middle of Central Switzerland between Zug and Lucerne, with a view of the Rigi and in close proximity to the picturesque Lake Zug.

Our team is spread from the Lake Constance region to Central Switzerland, where we usually spend our lunches together in the good bourgeois Schlössli or at the Thai around the corner. Whether in the gym below our office, stand-up paddling on the lake or hiking in the mountains, our location region offers a high quality of life and invites everyone to stay for the weekend as well.

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