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Networks with synergy effects

Nowadays, industry networks and partnerships are indispensable. They stand for knowledge - information - exchange.

The reasons for this are obvious. Common goals are what connect us. The networks not only make their case for us in numerous appearances, but also ensure valuable communication and synergies through the exchange of information between the members.

The regional presence of the respective network presents the advantages of the economic, working and living locations and ensures a good appearance, new contacts and the acquisition of skilled workers.

Lake Constance Bodensee

This is where the potentials and resources of four highly developed countries - Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein - meet. Connected by Lake Constance, they form one of the most dynamic economic regions. 

bavAIRia e.V.

Entrusted with the management of the Aerospace Cluster by the Bavarian State Government, this is where key players in the fields of aviation, aerospace and space applications network to enhance global competitiveness.


An industry network that includes not only the global players but also numerous small and medium-sized companies located in the Lake Constance region. This regional network is also supplemented by the association with universities and research institutions.


The leading competence network for embedded technologies enables more efficient solutions to be implemented through cooperation.

cluster mechatronik & automation

The Cluster Mechatronik & Automation e.V. ensures active communication between science and industry and is both a platform and forum for progress in mechatronics and related fields.

Security & Safety Management and Engineering

Security & Safety Management and Engineering

Synergy effects, comprehensive expertise and a broad spectrum of management are what SeSaMe stands for. Founded by us in 2018, we wanted to break new ground, bundle expert knowledge, find partners and create a discussion forum on current security & safety developments. 

Schleswig-Holstein. Der echte Norden

With around 500 members, the special feature of this network is the diversity of industries, which we also know from our own ranks. Here, pharmacy meets mechanical engineering, global market leader meets start-up, and university meets boarding school. 

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