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Konzept Informationssysteme GmbH
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Systems Engineering

Your partner for complex projects

Software projects are becoming more and more complex and elaborate, and requirements continue to grow. Therefore, the success of large and complex software projects depends heavily on efficient systems engineering. We are your competent partner throughout this process.

We understand systems engineering to be the continuous process of coordinating requirements, objectives and framework conditions between customers, users and developers with the goal of understanding all the demands of a complex project. Since comprehensive documentation throughout all phases of software development is an essential basis for successful quality assurance.

Efficiency despite complexity

This type of work requires the ability to apply specialized knowledge in an interdisciplinary manner, to methodically execute complex tasks and to systematically organise these tasks thereby creating content specifications for the development process. Requirements engineering is a core area in this regard. It is one of the most important factors for success, particularly in safety-critical projects.

Project success in a systematic way

The path to success leads through the provision of systems engineering processes, the tool-supported, transparent management of these processes right through to the derivation and definition of quality assurance measures. We are your reliable partner and support you professionally in all these tasks.