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Konzept Enhanced RuleChecker Integration (KERCI) for Eclipse

KERCI is a plugin for the Eclipse CDT IDE, that integrates the AbsInt Astrée coding rule check capabilities into the IDE. KERCI provides time-efficient and easy to use Interface to start an Astrée run and displays Alarms and Errors  directly in Eclipse as "Problem Markers".

Integrated Astrée capabilities

KERCI integrates the start of an Astrée rule checker run into the context menu of the Eclipse Project Explorer. Once started it configures a temporary Astrée project based on the supplied Astrée configuration file, modified with Eclipse include paths and the users resource selection. Astrée alarm and error messages for violated coding rules are then translated into Eclipse Problem Markers.

Due to this approach any static Astrée configuration can be applied for any selection of source and header files.

KERCI is intended for use with checks performed during Astrée's "parse" and "source" phases and is not suitable as replacement of the Astrée GUI for a complete runtime error analysis.

Eclipse Project Requirements

KERCI requires an Eclipse project to be properly configured. In particular following requirements have to be satisfied to allow KERCI usage:

  • Project is a c/c++ project
  • Include Paths are set

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