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State-of-the-art technology as well as absolute reliability and accuracy are basic prerequisites for working on avionic systems. Since these demands apply to safety-critical systems and procedures - 100 per cent safety is the most important thing.

Avionics systems serve air traffic control, flight control and engine control. They are also used in cockpit, cabin and supply systems. Depending on the application of the aircraft or helicopter, we also supply support systems that make complex procedures and manoeuvres more controllable for pilots.

Safety considerations affect system architecture ...

A high degree of reliability and security are basic prerequisites for each avionic systems' development. This applies for mechanics as well as electronics and software. When it comes to system architecture, these requirements lead to redundant, dissimilar hardware and software solutions that must be developed according to high standards and guidelines. The most known are DO-254 and DO-178B.

... as well as development processes

Our projects in this area combine the highest technological level with the requirement of absolute reliability and precision. Over the years we have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills about development processes to meet the high demands of our clients.