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Spectacular and promising

Aerospace projects are exceptional in every respect. They are normally international projects with large financial backing. Serial production does not exist, but absolute reliability, robustness and long-life cycle are required.

The systems must perform highly complex functionalities accurately, reliably and under extreme environmental conditions. State-of-the-art development tools and knowledge are required to develop these systems.

Satellites are a world of their own

A central task in the manufacturing of satellites consists of testing all the components for their functionality in sub-components and in the overall system under various environmental conditions. Specially developed simulators reproduce the behaviour and interaction of load capacity components.

Parallel to the creation of the instruments, a simulation environment is established that can be used for verifying interfaces and real components early on in the manufacturing of the satellites.

Very special systems

Thanks to our accumulated knowledge in software development and our experience in dealing with complex systems, we also develop software for on-board computers, drivers for special interface cards and test tools for supporting integration on real-time-capable target systems. As a result we are able to meet the high performance requirements of these systems.