Safety at the Highest Level

There is hardly any other industry facing such huge challenges as the rail industry – growing world population, increasing urbaniza- tion and ever higher demand of resources. Future mobility will th- erefore focus particularly on the aspects of safety, environmental compatibility and sustainable economy.

The railway industry can only successfully master these chal- lenges with intelligent and innovative traffic and rolling stock concepts. Modern, highly powerful and dynamic systems have consequently found their way into this industry for a long time already.

Scope of Services

  • System and software development according to EN 50126, 50128 and 50129

  • Driver‘s cab simulation

  • Control unit engineering for exhaust aftertreatment systems

  • Safety certification

  • Requirements engineering

  • Integration and unit tests

Bahntechnik - Effizienz


Energy Efficiency and Environmental Compatibility

Energy-efficient power trains become more and more important from the perspective of sustainable mobility. Another challenge is posed by the strict emission regulations to be considered in pro- duct development by the railway industry. This can only be achie- ved by the application of new technologies in the fields of electro- nic engine control or exhaust aftertreatment systems as well as innovative concepts such as bi-fuel systems.

Intelligent and Safe Automation Solutions

The use of safety-critical systems in the field of control and moni- toring technology offers many advantages for railway automation. However, the aspect of safety needs to be considered with top prio- rity at all times. This implies that the development of products and systems must be carried out in accordance with the current quality and safety standards governing railway technology.

Bahntechnik - Automatisierung

Experience and Competencies

Project experience since 1996
  • BR 612 und BR 628: Entwurf und Umsetzung eines Führerstandsimulators, inklusive grafischer Darstellung von Zustandsdaten

  • Re-Design einer bestehenden Plattformsoftware für Neigesysteme (nach IEC 61508 SIL2)

  • Powerline für Rolling Stock: Dokumentation und Softwareentwicklung

  • Entwicklung eines Telematiksystems (Client und Server)

  • Erstellung eines Sicherheitsnachweises nach SIRF 200

  • Tailoring der bahnspezifischen Standards auf unternehmensspezifische Standardentwicklungsprozesse

  • BR 612 and BR 628 series: Design and implementation of a driver‘s cab simulator including graphic representation of status data

  • Re-design of an existing platform software for tilting train systems (according to IEC 61508 SIL2)

  • Powerline for rolling stock: Documentation and software development

  • Development of telematic system (client and server)

  • Safety certification according to SIRF 200

  • Tailoring of railway-specific standards to company-specific standard development processes

Systems engineering
  • Requirements engineering (system)
  • System architecture and design
Software development
  • Requirements engineering (software)

  • Software architecture design

  • Modelling (SCADE, MATLAB, Simulink)

  • Implementation

Verification and validation
  • Validation of system requirements

  • Validation of software requirements

  • Validation of low-level software requirements (design review)

  • Static code analysis (PCLint, QA-C)

  • Code review

  • Software testing

  • Module test case definition

  • Module test procedure definition

  • HW/SW integration test

  • Test case validation

  • System/unit testing

  • Test case definition

  • Test procedure definition

  • Test case validation

  • MC/DC coverage analysis (Cantata, VectorCast, Tessy)

  • WCET analysis

  • Object code analysis (OCA) / compiler analysis report (CAR)

  • Compiler failure report (CFR)

  • Tool qualification

  • Floating point arithmetic analysis

  • Formal verification

Support processes
  • Quality assurance
  • Configuration management
  • Process assistance and implementation
  • IRIS

  • EN 50126 (RAMS)

  • EN 50128

  • EN 50129

  • IEC 61508 (bis SIL 3)

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