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Konzept Informationssysteme GmbH
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Variety arouses enthusiasm

We do not consider software technology and computer science as an end in itself, rather as a crucial aid and tool that must be implemented with expertise. Professional curiosity and enthusiasm is essential for the development of key products: for the product, for the requirements of the industry and for the interdisciplinary cooperation with other experts and the client.

Each industry has its own requirements and regulations conveyed in norms and standards. We face these requirements. This industry know-how helps our company’s performance potential to grow. Cross-industry operation creates synergies and ensures long-term stability.

Our clients, who stem from a wide range of industries, also benefit from this. Every client has specific requirements and needs an individual solution. Each IT engineer must be equally enthusiastic about applications and technology of the industry. Our strength lies in the holistic assessment of tasks and enthusiasm for the variety of our projects.