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Release Notes

 ##### Changelog for KERCI V1.5 from KERCI V1.4 #####

 KERCI V1.5 is documented by User Manual V1.3

 # Solved Issues
 * KERCI will no longer print empty info messages to the stderr console
 * KERCI will once again print a warning message when trying to use future unsupported A3C versions

 # New features and improved behavior
 * Introduced new marker types for commented & classified Alarms
 * Comments from RULECHECKER_comment directives are now added to the corresponding Alarm-Markers
 * Introduced new option to change KERCI behavior when checking a selection containing .c and .h Files: It is now possible to send only .c files explicitly to the Rulecheckers Preprocessor instead of all selected files. See the User Manual for further Details on this feature.
 * To fully reflect the change in absint product naming, the Preferences and Properties settings will now refer to "A3C:RuleChecker" instead of "Astrée"

 # Known Issues
 * A3C Rulechecker intermediate release 17.10i no longer allows for KERCI column marker estimation. KERCI therefore will mark complete source code lines for most alarms.

 ##### Changelog for KERCI V1.4 from KERCI V1.3 #####

 Note: KERCI V1.4 supports AbsInt Astrée V16.04 upwards

 KERCI V1.4 is documented by User Manual V1.2

 # Solved Issues:
 * KERCI is once again compatible with JRE 1.7
 * KERCI will no longer require Eclipse CDT 8.3 on installation. The required minimum Version is CDT 8.2

 # New features and improved behavior
 * Updated for Astrée 17.04:
   * KERCI will use the first found ruleset configuration in the dax project file.
   * If a configuration is available, KERCI will add the files to be checked to the configuration when starting a new project. Therefore KERCI will no longer receive Alarms for files that were only included in the run due to c #include directives.
 * KERCI no longer tries to detect the Astrée installation path automatically.
 * KERCI now has a new icon for KERCI type markers in the Eclipse Editor window
 * Shortcuts can now be assigned to start a KERCI run.
   * default shortcuts are ctrl+9 and ctrl+shift+9 to start the selected files or the current editor file
 * Option to save modified files when a run is started

 # Known Issues
 * KERCI prints info messages to Eclipse stderr console
 * Checking header files without a full set of includes causes Parse errors. The file will however still be correctly checked if it is also included in a .c file that is part of the run.

 ##### Changelog for KERCI V1.3 from KERCI V1.2 #####

 Note: KERCI V1.3 supports AbsInt Astrée V16.04 upwards
 KERCI V1.3 is documented by User Manual V1.1
 # Solved Issues:
 * Fixed marker locations for Problem Markers on lines with preprocessor macros and/or multiple white spaces
 * Fixed marker locations for Astrée preprocessor errors
 * Duplicate alarms and preprocessor error messages now only generate a single Problem Marker
 * Added missing parameters to batch mode documentation
 # New features and improved behavior
 * Updated for Astrée 16.10
 * The progress dialog now shows Astrée progress messages
 * The progress dialog now shows the currently processed file during marker generation
 * Improved responsiveness of cancel button during marker generation
 # Known Issues
 * Other than stated by the manual, KERCI V1.3 requires JRE V1.8 instead of V1.7

 ##### Changelog for KERCI V1.2 from KERCI V1.1 #####

 Note: KERCI V1.2 supports AbsInt Astrée V16.04 upwards
 # Solved Issues:
 * Parameters for violated rules are now displayed in marker descriptions.
 # New features and improved behavior
 * Optimised marker generation for Source Code Files with large amounts of Rule Violations.
 * Introduced error codes for KERCI error messages
 # Known Issues
 * Astrée preprocessor error messages for missing header files are not returned by Astrée and therefore not available to KERCI. This applies to Astrée 16.04 patch 2&3.
 * Usage of macros or multiple successive whitespace characters may cause misplacement of Alarm-Markers in some cases.

##### Changelog for KERCI V1.1 from KERCI V1.0 #####

Note: KERCI V1.1 supports AbsInt Astrée V16.04 upwards
 # Solved Issues:
 * Header Files, that are selected by the user but aren't included in any selected source file, are no longer ignored
 * KERCI no longer requires an existing <preprocess> element in the .dax file
 # New features and improved behavior
 * Updated Version check to support Astrée V16.04 Patch 1-3
 # Known Issues
 * Astrée preprocessor output for 16.04 patch 2&3 is neither parsed nor printed to console

 ##### Changelog for KERCI V1.0 #####

 Note: KERCI V1.0 supports only AbsInt Astrée V16.04 build b262856.
 Intitial Realase.

 # Known Issues
 * No known issues currently